Day-case stapedotomy: is it a viable option?


Stapedotomy is, in our opinion, the technique of choice in stapes surgery. The precision of this technique allows clinicians to perform the surgical procedure in day surgery under local anesthesia.


There is a strong emphasis on increasing the number of elective day surgery cases, especially in the patients’ best interest, as it decreases the likelihood of late cancellation and hospital-acquired morbidity. A prospective study was performed to determine whether stapes surgery for otosclerosis could be performed safely in an outpatient setting.


We present a series of stapes surgery cases for otosclerosis performed on a day-case basis. We performed a classic stapedotomy in 9 patients, a reverse classic step stapedotomy in 2 patients, a partial reverse classic step stapedotomy in 11 patients, and a hemi-stapedectomy in two patients.


Three of 24 patients (12.5%) treated with classic stapedotomy, 1 patient with partial reverse classic step stapedotomy, and 1 patient with hemi-stapedectomy were formally admitted to the hospital after surgery (length of stay, 23 h). The indications were vertigo (two patients) and asthenia (one patient). These patients were treated under general anesthesia. Two of these patients resided more than 250 km away from the hospital.

Ralli G, Mora R, Nola G, Guastini L.

ENT Department, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy.

PMID:22074449 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]